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The 6 best songs for tickling your pickle

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Loyola University Maryland


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The 6 best songs for tickling your pickle

In other words, the best songs for masturbation

Marley Scheld


Oh, masturbation. A thing that so many people love to do, yet so few people love to talk about. Specifically, what songs are the best to put on while doin' it. After some research about what songs Loyola students love to put on while they're diddlin' their skittle, this is what has been found*:

1. "Make Me Feel" by Janelle Monae - Petra

"All I have to say is that the queen is BACK and she is here to stay. This song just makes you feel so good about yourself and the beat is also very good. Such a great lil' tune to masturbate to. Trust me. Go try it."

2. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Carole King - Natalie

"This song gives me chills! It can be interpreted as a song about a relationship, but I think it could easily be interpreted as a relationship with yourself. You have control over your own confidence and your own body. To me, this song is about feeling beautiful and confident in your own body. It's basically about self-love, which is perfect because masturbation perpetuates self-love."

3. "Make You Feel" by Alina Baraz - Cameron

"This is a very slow song. Just taking your time with it, it can make you feel all right. I mean, you can make yourself feel all right. You don't need a man to make you feel good, to love yourself. You're not impressing anybody. It's just you and yourself and your vagina. From a long experience of masturbation, you really just can't take yourself too seriously. Every moment you have, and every moment you touch yourself, is a new experience. You just gotta have fun with it."

4. Timothée Chalamet Speaking French - Marzia

"Ok. You have to look up this YouTube video. There's an eleven-minute video of Timothée Chalamet speaking French for an interview for Call Me By Your Name and it's beautiful. If you don't know who he is, he's the most beautiful actor out there and he's only 22. I know it's not really a song, but I swear if you put on this boy speaking in the language of love, it'll make you start feeling things inside."

5. "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen - Brody

"Well for starters, this song is about masturbation. You gotta listen to the lyrics. He's talking about how he's gonna explode and it's like, dude, we know what you're thinking. It depends on what mood you're in, though. I like to think I'm a natural born athlete and I'm all about speed--getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. So when you throw in that song you just get it going."

6. "Waiting for You" by Verzache - Penelope

"Here we go. Light some candles and draw a bath. Turn the lights out. Yeah, we're getting kinky here. Listen to this song and let your mind roam. I don't know what it is about this song, but it's amazing. On those self-care nights, just put on a face mask, turn on this song, and enjoy your own company."

*Names have been changed to preserve the identities of people who don't really want to talk about masturbation for an audience (understandable).