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Seating area by Starbucks named “Least Distracting Study Spot”



Loyola University Maryland


- satire

Seating area by Starbucks named “Least Distracting Study Spot”

Miguel Avvento


A recent report credited the seating area in between Starbucks and Cold Spring Sushi as being the “Least Distracting Study Spot” on campus. Tons of students can be found in that area every day writing papers, making PowerPoints, and participating in all sorts of studious behavior.

“Yeah, I definitely don’t have to look up every ten seconds because I see someone walking by in my peripherals,” Silvia Cady said to us when we went to check out the area. "Sometimes it's tough, you know? With such a small school, I usually have to say hi to tons of people, but I push through it."

With the buzz of students waiting for their coffees, hundreds passing through making their way to class, and perhaps thousands of different conversations going on at once, it's no surprise why such a spot would be credited as distraction-free. Other popular locations like the actual library and the study were up in the running, but didn’t seem to be up to par.

“I usually just get a coffee from Starbucks. I don’t even know what I’m getting half the time,” Charles Carpino told us. “Then I sit here, open my laptop for a couple hours, and eventually head back to my room with a sense of accomplishment and completion, when in reality I just wasted a ton of time being distracted in a high-traffic, busy area where no one actually gets any real work done. It’s great.”

If you ever need a solid spot to hunker down and get some work done, don't think twice before hitting this spot.