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Tapingo crashes, angry Loyola students actually wait in line

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Loyola University Maryland


- satire

Tapingo crashes, angry Loyola students actually wait in line

Wait more, live less

Maggie Haley


BALTIMORE — On Tuesday morning this week, the widely used Tapingo app crashed during the lunch rush at Loyola University Maryland. Students were seen running around, yelling, crying, and resetting their phones to try and get the app working again.

At approximately 10:43 am, the Tapingo app temporarily went out of service for the entire campus, just as the Boulder Deli was getting ready to accept orders at 11:00 a.m. Around that time, confused students gathered around the deli to ask the Boulder Deli workers why Tapingo was not working. The workers, who offered to take sandwich orders without using the app, were met with a long line of frantic students stuttering at the question "toasted?", some who even preferred typing out their responses and sliding their phones over to the workers.

As more students queued at the deli, the Starbucks line was already flying out the doors.

"This is ridiculous, I'm going to miss my class that begins in two minutes," said Mary Brown '19, who was the fifty-second person in the Starbucks line. "I need to have my double mocha frappe in order to even survive my accounting class. Might as well skip it now," she added.

After noon, there were already reported protests in the Student Center and multiple support groups added for those struggling with being able to wait in line.

Meanwhile, those who usually stand in the lines at Loyola eateries became increasingly aggravated with the newcomers. Professor Mark Smith of the Biology department, who always gets in line at 11:37 am sharp, was infuriated to see so many new people standing in line in front of him. "It's the damn Tapingo crap. These millennials need everything on demand all the time. Serves them right for relying on technology," he added with a scoff.

There was no explanation of what may have caused the Tapingo crash on Tuesday, however the app was back online and working by 4:30 pm—just in time for the meal dead-zone in Boulder.

At press time, we are left wondering—will Loyola students be ready to wait in line again in the wake of another Tapingo outage?