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Housing problems follow Loyola students off campus



Loyola University Maryland


Housing problems follow Loyola students off campus

Bugs, fires and maintenance problems, oh my!

Chandler Middleton


Although Loyola housing has been ranked by the Princeton Review, by the time students become upperclassman they say “to hell with it”. That being said, the majority only go down North Charles by a mile or so.

Living among actual adults, one would expect a more orderly and professional atmosphere. However, many residents have noticed the same nonsense happens off campus as on campus. One common thing that seems to follow some Loyola students wherever they go is a slow response to maintenance requests.

Senior Krysta Lipinski gave this statement when asked about issues regarding her off campus apartment:

“On my first week here, I awoke to my dishwasher spewing water over my entire kitchen. To make matters even worse, the water was being launched a foot in the air from the sink…not sure how this works but ok? Our countertops buckled from the water and it took maintenance two days to fix!”

There have also been many reported encounters with bugs. Cockroaches scurry by in trash rooms and it has been rumored the trash shoot itself of one apartment complex is infested. For those on the lower floors, the problem seems to be worse.

According to the front desk, the pest control only does one floor a week and, with 14 floors, it takes a while to handle anyone's specific pest problem. The lower floors also have to deal with the smell of the trash as the week goes on.

The smell has been compared to “a litter box,” “really bad Chinese food,” and, in one account, “death.”

So far this semester there have been three fire alarms in the building––two from smoke from cooking and one from an actual fire. Much like Loyola, it takes forever for the building to clear out, thus reminding many of days living in Campion where the freshmen are slowly learning that you do have to put water in your Easy Mac.

The actual fire that took place at the beginning of the month was started by an “unattended candle.” Perhaps Loyola's anti-candle policy makes sense?

Being followed off campus by slow maintenance, bad smells, bugs, and fire alarms has shown many students that these things may not just be Loyola problems but apartment problems. But, at the end of the day, sleeping on an actual mattress is way better than on those plastic rocks the school calls beds.