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Spanish girl struggles to date American boy



Loyola University Maryland


Spanish girl struggles to date American boy

No comprendo


María Sánchez Gutierres, a Spanish exchange student at Loyola, confidently walks into the bar without her wallet. She waits patiently for the bartender to notice her, ready to turn on the charm.

The bartender asks María, “What can I get ya?”

“Tequila con piña por favor,” she replies with a wink and her strong Spanish accent. As expected, the bartender smiles as he hands her the drink, “It’s on me.”

Works every time. I love America, she thinks.

Later that night, María gets a *tap* *tap* *tap* on her shoulder. She whips around to see a tall, muscular boy staring down at her with a drunken gaze. Who the hell is this? María thinks.

The boy asks, “What’s your name?”


“Oh is that a Spanish accent?”

“Sí, I’m an exchange student from Spain.” He’s not a tan Spanish boy, but he’s kinda cute, she admits to herself.


The next morning, María wakes to a ding from her phone:

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María's POV: Oh, it's the Scandinavian-looking boy from the bar. He was so cute.

John's POV: She's sweet she cares. Probably more than an American chick. What the hell does gordi mean?

John's POV: She cannot be serious. I am not fat. I mean sometimes people say I'm husky... but that's so rude. Who does she think she is? Maybe it was a typo, I guess I'll play it cool.

María's POV: Trigger...? Is this good? Or bad? I hope he didn't think it was weird that I called him cutie. I guess I'll compliment. He was so fun.

John's POV: Here we go again...

John's POV: Salty? What the hell. Is this girl for real...I thought I was actually being nice for once.

María's POV: Oooo he thinks I am so fun!! This is going to be great. I wonder if he's going out again.

María's POV: What is wrong with American boys...maybe? We see? See what? I thought you wanted to see me? Ugh. Grow a spine. Spanish boys tell me exactly what they want.


Fast-forward to mid-semester: Maria and John hang out frequently. John teaches María the best way to pregame and María shows John the best recena.

Translation Key:
Gordi: Directly translated into English = fat
Spanish everyday use = cutie, babe
Salado: Directly translated into English = salty, salted
Spanish everyday use = super fun, energetic
Recena: Spanish everyday use = postgame that involves food