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Uncovered: a guide to the best night out in Towson



Loyola University Maryland


Uncovered: a guide to the best night out in Towson

...and you don't even need a fake


You haven’t experienced a good night out until you and your friends find yourselves emerging from Torrent and walking to Towson Diner at 2 a.m.

What is Torrent you may ask? Probably the only club you’ll get into without a fake and the fear of seeing half of Loyola's campus.

What once was known as the Recher Theater, a popular concert venue that attracted talents such as All Time Low, Cheap Trick, Flaming Lips and The White Stripes, has in the past three years been occupied by this 18+ night club--conveniently an eight minute walk away from the 24 hour Towson Diner that serves everything from breakfast cereal to well-seasoned steak.

If you’re under 21 you’ll have to put up some cash to get in, but $15 isn’t so bad considering you get all the joys of PowerPlant Live! minus the sketch factor of downtown after dark.

If you’re not into getting dressed up to stand around and look cool then you’ll appreciate this dancier crowed that the DJ’s keep going with the best spins of electronic remixes to party classics. There are no pat-downs at the front or intimidating bouncers looking to snap your I.D. You'll actually find that people are there to have a good night, dance with friends, and maybe capture a good video or two for their Snapchat stories.

For un-experienced clubbers, Torrent is a good starting place

The space is just big enough to lose yourself in the anonymity of the crowed on nights that you want to let loose, but not so overwhelmingly large that you find yourself drowning in a swarm of unfamiliar sweaty faces that keep spilling their drinks on you. For unexperienced clubbers, Torrent is a good starting place—a baby step into the major leagues of night life.

I almost failed to mention there’s a bar right next door. The Rec Room once was a simple annex of the larger Recher Theater but today it serves as a complimentary space to the nightclub and the two are connected by a secret side alley way.

After a few hours on the dance floor of course you're going to get a little hungry and no night out is complete without post-fiesta grub. Towson Diner during the day appears to be like any other, but at 2 a.m. when the music cuts and you’re thrown back on to the streets of Uptown Towson it transforms into a beacon of hope, of life, of sobering up enough to make it back home. It is the phase two of the night and completely accessible by foot.

Just follow the beautiful neon lights glowing in the distance and the smell of greasy foods wafting in the wind.

And don’t for a second think that just because it is past midnight that this fine eating establishment doesn’t become somewhat of an after-party hangout once the nightclub crowd comes pouring through its doors.

There’s no better way to end a night out in Towson and you’ll understand once you experience it for yourself.