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Lesser known Loyola study spots



Loyola University Maryland


Lesser known Loyola study spots

Because Starbucks and the library are overrated

Maggie Haley


Now that Loyola students are a few weeks deep into the semester, the amount of work to be done and needed study time is on the rise. That being said, so is the influx of students sitting at tables around Starbucks, trying to climb over each other to find more seats so they can study.

I personally have never been a fan of the Starbucks studying space; I always felt like there was too much going on. Someone is always talking too loud, or there happens to be a service dog walking through, and I just have to turn my head. So before you give in to the distractions of Starbucks, or stress about walking all the way across campus to the Notre-Dame Library because you live on West Campus, here are some study spots around Loyola that you should check out.

If it happens to be a nice day and you want to spend some time outside:
The beginning of the first semester and end of the second semester are my favorite times of the year, solely because I love to be outside. If the tables outside McManus, Starbucks, and Boulder are all taken, it can be disappointing. However, you can always grab a blanket and sit on the grass in the quad. Sometimes it's stressful when you're the only person on the quad sitting under a tree, but that means you can sit quietly without distractions. Or, you know, procrastinate by taking artsy photos in the grass--both are valid options.

However, if you are looking for a table, there is a small courtyard between Knott Hall and the Donnelly Science Center. I only recently came across this hidden gem when I accidentally got lost trying to find my classroom. If you take the Knott Hall entrance from the bridge and go straight through, you will come to this small outside space between the buildings with a couple of tables and chairs. This is perfect if you want to study outside with minimal foot traffic passing through.

If you want some nice views:
Loyola has stellar views of the quad from some of the buildings. On the third floor of the Donnelly Science Center, there are tables and chairs set up behind beautiful large glass windows overlooking the trees and the quietest corner of the Loyola quad. This is definitely the most underrated study spot—mostly because it is a fairly quiet space that not many people know about or venture to.

If you need to ask your professor 50 million different questions:
Specific departments reside in different buildings, which is super convenient if you need to talk to professors or perhaps other students in that major. The Writing Department is located in the basement of Maryland Hall, along with the Writing Center and some desks in the hallway. The Communications department is also a fantastic place to sit and get some work done. It's located underneath the Starbucks area, with more seats and desks available to all students. These small study spaces all around campus provide a quiet atmosphere that is close to the classroom setting. There are many different areas like these in different buildings, so go explore!

If you want to venture beyond campus:
If you need a change of scenery, hop over into Hampden for some restaurants and coffee shops to sit and study in. One of my favorites is Spro, a trendy coffee shop that offers a quiet atmosphere with some killer gourmet coffee options and treats.
Another fantastic spot is just up the road on Cold Spring Lane. The Evergreen Cafe is an awesome place to grab a deli sandwich or a hot cup of joe. The menu is pretty extensive, including options for breakfast and lunch, and the atmosphere is perfect for studying. Also there's free wifi, so why wouldn't you go?

If you’re extremely lazy:
Believe it or not, there is a dormitory desk right in your bedroom. No excuses! Kick some butt this semester!