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A low-key hotspot: The Crown



Loyola University Maryland


A low-key hotspot: The Crown

Why you need to go to The Crown at least once

Miguel Avvento


I hate to blow up the spot of one of my favorite non-Loyola affiliated spots, but in order to reach my article deadline, I must.

The Crown is a two story bar, music venue, and restaurant, located down North Charles only a few minutes away from Penn Station.

As a Loyola student it’s important to get away from campus and its culture every so often. As you make your way through four years here, you will engage in numbing, nonsensical night-life routines that become increasingly frustrating.

A break is necessary, and what better way to change up the routine than to eat Korean tacos and sing karaoke with a bunch of hip, only semi-pretentious MICA students?

Pulling up to The Crown is overwhelming. There are usually four or five people hanging around right outside, and hopping out of the Uber, you can feel the eyes on you. When you open the front door you’re greeted by a long hallway and a bouncer. Now this may seem super stressful and nightmarish, but I promise it really isn’t. Just give the dude your ID and you’re good.

After that you have two options; there’s a bar and the restaurant, or you can hit the stairs. Either is fine, but let's go upstairs: two bathrooms: one male, one female, but the signs are so graffitied it’s kind of hard to tell...

Next you have two more options: The Red Room and The Blue Room. That’s some straight up Matrix shit. Honestly, it depends on the night, sometimes one room is hopping and the other is dead, but sometimes that hopping one has a fat $5 cover, and that’s money you know? Either way, pick a side and enjoy yourself. Let loose, listen to weird experimental funk-pop music, sing karaoke with some old dude wearing a sombrero, drink weird mixed drink specials, anything goes.

That’s honestly the best way I can describe The Crown. It’s really hard to convey the experience through words, so do yourself a favor and get over there. Unless you absolutely need to hit Zen or Powerplant but it doesn't hurt to try something new.