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Roughly Speaking: Uncovered

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Loyola University Maryland


Roughly Speaking: Uncovered

Review of a must listen to podcast

Bailey Myers


It's Uncovered Week here at The Rival! What does this mean? The articles you’ll read this week deal with unknown aspects of Loyola or Baltimore in general. In the spirit of that, I decided to write a little bit about a podcast called Roughly Speaking hosted by Baltimore Sun columnist, Dan Rodricks.

The podcast, in over 300 episodes, deals with not only news, but also Baltimore itself. Rodricks discusses news, sports, weather, history, and politics and how it all relates back to Baltimore.

Why did I choose this for my first article? What does Roughly Speaking have to do with Uncovered Week? As a Loyola senior, one thing has become very clear to me over the past few years. Loyola's location in Baltimore is to our advantage because Baltimore is one of the most interesting, diverse, and historical cities in the United States.

What I appreciate and love about this podcast is it is Baltimore. Listening to it, hearing people from the city express their feelings about what’s going on in the world, the country, or the city itself, is a way to connect more to Baltimore and to Loyola in turn.

One thing I remember being told coming into my freshman year was that we should get to know the city, something that I was late to the game with. Finding this podcast in my last year at Loyola has made me appreciate the location of our campus so much more. Being able to listen to the history of the city or hearing about what’s going on in Baltimore, as it happens, is something very unique to our times-- something I feel is often taken for granted.

A recent episode talks about Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, both of which were as devastating as they were because of climate change. Rodricks centers the podcast around the hurricanes themselves and how the warmer climate has affected them while also tying in information on Maryland’s green energy. Bringing in a policy director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, they discuss what Maryland can do and how the state is already reacting to our changing environment. If you're interested in the work the CCAN is doing, find out more here.

Bottom line: listening to Roughly Speaking is worth your time. Getting to know the city you’re in is a crucial aspect of going to college. This podcast only widens the respect I have for the city.